Solar Sales Mentor Program

Solar Sales Mentor Program

Are you a Solar Superstar? Apply to Become a Solar Sales Mentor!

Join our Solar Sales Mentor Program and earn BIG by providing hands on training to new solar consultants who are Sales Agents (rank) in our compensation plan and have joined the Sales Agent Training Program

If you are accepted to the program as a Solar Sales Mentor, you will provide hands on training (locally or virtually) to Sales Agents with little or no previous solar sales experience on their first three (3) solar projects sold. After they have gone through basic video training on the solar business and have attended an introductory sales training webinar which you will conduct on our webinar platform.

You will earn the following on the first three sold projects for each Sales Agent you mentor as part of this program:

  • 50% of the Sales Agent’s commission due to them under our compensation plan.

You will also earn bonuses for Sales Agents who successfully graduate the program:

  • $4500 (bonus) for each group of five (5) Sales Agents you train who successfully graduate from the program.

After you have mentored a Sales Agent to sell their first three (3) solar project sales, the agent will have ‘graduated’ from the Sales Agent Training Program and will then be managed by their up-line Sales Manager for all future sales. You will not earn additional commission on their future sales after they graduate from the program.

*Must maintain a minimum of $0.50 PPW over baseline pricing on each of the 3 sold projects you mentor for each of the 5 Sales Agents to qualify for ‘graduation’ bonus!

Your Responsibilities as a Solar Sales Mentor:

  • Maintain Onyx Energy standards and procedures for training new Sales Agents.
  • Work with Sales Agents virtually or locally to help them:
    • Collect utility bills from their leads.
    • Design and price solar project proposals.
    • Present solar project proposal to clients and close.

How to Qualify as a Solar Sales Mentor for Onyx Energy:

  • You must be a Marketing CRM Subscriber in good standing.
    • You must show your ability to manage and sell leads in our CRM.
    • New Sales Agents submitted to program will be assigned to you within our CRM system for training.
  • You must be at the rank of Sales Manager or above in our compensation plan to apply to be a Solar Sales Mentor.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 projects sold as an Onyx Energy Solar Consultant.
    • You must sell at $0.80 or above Net Base Price Margin on the 5 or more projects sold.
      • OR provide 1099/W2 from your previous solar sales organization with a minimum of 200K in commissions earned.
    • Provide a resume showing your solar sales experience.

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