National Sales Manager Success Package




Start at the TOP of our compensation plan, bypass rank advancement and earn the MAX on your sales org from day one!

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National Sales Manager Success Package

Are you a Solar Pro? Do you run a solar sales organization already and are you looking for a HOME in solar you can really build with, grow huge and then retire with a residual income from your hard work?

This is the package for you!

What You Get!

  • With your purchase you will be automatically promoted to the rank of National Sales Manager in our Compensation Plan, and earn ALL the bonuses available!
    • Earn the MAXIMUM overrides and bonuses on your organization’s solar sales from day one!
    • Place your team leaders as Sales Managers in your organization as you see fit!
    • Ability to transfer your existing solar sales team and earn a residual income on work you have already done building your solar team elsewhere!
  • You will receive one (1) full year of our Marketing CRM subscription (Renews at just $1776/year!)
    • Receive Solar leads to sell!
    • Receive New Sales Agent leads from all over the USA to recruit onto your team!
  • You will receive a Coupon, good for 10 uses, for your new sales agents to get their first month free on our Marketing CRM!
    • $297 X 10 = $2970 value for Marketing CRM Subscription (First Month Free for each agent!)
    • Hand out coupon as a bonus to your team!

Earn the BIG BUCKS From Day One!

As a National Sales Manager you will be fully qualified to earn all bonuses with NO PERSONAL SALES REQUIRED!

Just manage your sales organization, grow and develop your leaders, run your Solar Business just like before, but without all the headaches of managing payouts, providing support or new rep training, and grow your solar business within our cooperative sales model with 34 States AND Puerto Rico to sell in!

Sales Organization Example:

You have a team of 25 Sales Agents with 5 Sales Managers in your current sales organization who are selling 60 solar projects total per month.

Keep your current team structure exactly the same, put your 5 Sales Managers front-level to your business center with Onyx Energy, then the 25 Sales Agents on their teams.

If each Sales Manager is still selling 2 personal solar project themselves each month and your Sales Agents have 50 sales among themselves monthly.

If your average solar system was a 9000 watt system (our company average) with a $1 net baseline margin profit (our company average), you would have a $9000 Sales Margin per sale to pay out commissions to your Sales Agents and your Sales Managers, per our Compensation Plan.

Your Bonuses as a National Sales Manager:

  • Paid unlimited Levels Deep on directly sponsored agents and their team if not at same rank as you!
    • Sales Manager Bonus @ .03 = $450
    • Regional Sales Manager Bonus @ .05 ppw = $270
    • National Sales Manager Bonus @ .07 ppw = $630

You would earn $0.15 on your 5 front line SM sales (10): $13,500
You would earn .12 on the sales of their Sales Agents(50): $54000

Total of all bonuses paid to you on 50 Units Sold: $67,500!

Additionally, you would participate in our company-wide sales bonus pools:

  1. You would earn a share of the SM Company-wide Bonus Pool (1% of entire company margin!)
  2. You would earn a share of the RSM Company-wide Bonus Pool (2% of entire company margin!)
  3. You would earn a share of the NSM Company-wide Bonus Pool (3% of entire company margin!)

This would be the residual income potential for the team you have already built!

This example does not include ANY new Sales Agents your Onyx Energy Reps sign up or teams they sign up across the country due to the flexibility of our sales model and compensation plan!

Expand your reach, grow your income exponentially with our cooperative sales model!

Provide true OPPORTUNITY for growth to your Sales Agents to advance in rank with our compensation model and GROW your reach and income with us!

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