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[OPTIONAL!] – Marketing CRM subscription is not required to be a sales representative of Onyx Energy!

Subscribe to our Marketing CRM and gain access to round robin online solar leads in select markets and Solar Rep Sign-ups, for qualified reps!

[BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX] -There is no easier way to build an amazing income in the solar industry!


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Are you ready to have a CRM marketing system to automate follow up and close more of your personal self-generated deals? Are you looking to get new reps added to your Onyx Energy Team from our company marketing?

This Marketing CRM package is for you!

What you get:

  • 1 month of our Onyx Energy Marketing CRM Package.
    • A seat on our heavily modified [CRMX] CRM ($299 value! *Do not purchase directly from CRMX website!), with proven marketing and follow-up workflows to convert leads into projects!
      • We fully manage the CRM and all marketing funnels and workflows. (Save HUNDREDS of dollars per month!)
    • A ‘local’ phone number to call clients from within the CRM!
    • Automated Marketing Followup on all of your personal leads with SMS and Email campaigns, plus VM drops!
      • Data cost is included with your subscription! Save an average of $100 a month on data costs versus getting a subscription directly from CRMX!
    • Auto AI Marketing with phone, chat and other automation–coming soon!
      • Maximize your time and get more project sales!
    • See CRM setup instructions.


The AVERAGE CRMX user sells 33 additional projects per year by using CRMX for long term follow up of leads!

Grab a Marketing CRM seat and you are ready to rock and roll from day one!

Load your personal referrals, automated followup and marketing campaigns included with ZERO time or effort required to keep your marketing efforts producing the best results!

You get all of our current marketing and re-marketing campaigns as well as all future enhancements we add to our system such as automated AI phone dialing of your leads to book appointments, etc.  [We currently have over 800 hours of custom development work invested into the base CRMX platform!]

Do You Market Online? – Feed YOUR Personal Leads Directly Into Your Marketing CRM Account LIVE!

With company approval of your online marketing funnel, advertising content and methods, we will allow you to send your personally generated online leads into the Marketing CRM via ‘webhook’ connection from your online form. I.e. the ‘action’ of your form submission will send data to the CRM. [Don’t worry, we will help you set it all up!]

Your leads will run through our automated marketing workflows and processes, helping you to maximize your marketing efforts and profits!

*No bulk list marketing allowed, only online generated leads using no gimmick or trick [free panels] marketing, etc., are allowed.


[BONUS!] – Receive Company Provided Leads!

As a Marketing CRM subscriber and qualified rep you also gain access to our company solar leads, distributed in a round robin for virtual sales opportunities.

You must properly follow up with, maintain company average closing rates of company leads to continue to receive company generated leads!


Leads are a mixture of online leads and leads that have just verified interest in getting solar for their home!

  • Verified online solar leads!
  • Our marketing system works to help set a virtual appointment while you also work to connect with the client!
  • High profit margin solar markets!

*Leads tagged as ‘Pro Lead’ in CRM have a $0.05 PPW (price per watt) charged to solar project as a lead FEE if sold.
*Leads tagged as ‘Premium Lead’ in CRM have a $0.10 PPW (price per watt) charged to solar project as a lead FEE if sold.


[Bonus] – Receive Solar Rep Sign-ups From Company!

You will also receive new solar rep sign-ups sponsored directly from company marketing front level to you in your sales organization and paid commission on their sales. Properly onboard your reps to maximize your team’s production!

[Bonus] – Reduced Qualifiers For Coded Sales Manager Bonus!

If you are a Sales Manager (rank) with a team taking off, this BONUS is a huge WIN for you!

Qualifiers to earn the Coded Sales Manager bonus reduced to:

  • 3 directly sponsored front level agents below you. (Normal Requirement is 5!)
  • ONLY 1 directly sponsored Sales Manager!

Earn your Coded Sales Manager bonus with the lowered qualifiers above and receive the $.07 PPW Coded Sales Manager Bonus on your directly sponsored Sales Manager’s sales and the sales of all Sales Agents below them not under another Sales Manager or higher rank!


*All leads have an audit trail attached to them that tracks all changes made to contacts, tags, workflows, etc..

*Company leads and solar rep sign-ups are provided via round robin distribution as a bonus of subscription to Marketing CRM, not as part of your subscription. You must properly follow up with, maintain closing rates that are at or above company minimums established internally for marketing ROI to continue to receive company leads and solar rep sign-ups from Onyx Energy.

*Commissions and Bonuses on leads are paid out per our compensation plan.

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