Build YOUR Solar Business WITH Us 100% For FREE!Your Clients WIN, We All WIN!

Earn BIG With the Best Compensation Plan in Solar!
Free Company Training!
All sales reps have access to company training on solar sales, as well as additional training at heavily discounted pricing!
Qualified reps get local appointments set by our installation group, plus leads from our Onyx Energy Marketing CRM*
Aggressive Cost of Goods Sold Sales Model!
We have transparent solar pricing using a COGS sales model and a 70/30 (70% to sales org, plus bonuses!) split with Onyx Energy on Sales Profit Margin!

Company Training

  • Solar Sales Training Course Videos!
  • New Solar Rep Training Program!
  • Onyx Energy University – Coming Soon!

Local Appointments/Leads!

  • Local Pre-Set Appointments From Our Installation Group!
    • Just sell ONE (1) deal from self-gen to qualify!
  • Marketing CRM and Virtual Leads Available!
  • High performing Onyx Energy Reps get more leads!
    • Must have marketing CRM subscription for virtual leads.

Cost of Goods Sold Model

  • Low Baseline Pricing!
  • W/S Pricing on all Adders!
  • Economy of Scale Pricing!
    • 34 States and growing!

FAST INSTALLATIONS!Our installation teams are vertically integrated
in every state we do installs in!

Local install teams, no sub-contracted installs!*
Solar panel installer on the roof, created with generative AI

Highest Quality Installations

Our nationwide team of vertically integrated installers is top of class!

We use only the highest rated panels and inverters with properly engineered solar systems that actually offset your client’s electricity usage and SAVE them money!

Cooperative Business Marketing ModelSolar Sales Compensation Plan

Build it once, get paid for life!

Onyx Energy uses a cooperative sales model with Onyx Energy providing the business framework and marketing systems for our agents to work within, utilizing the power of our cooperative marketing model to allow any agent who wants to have success the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential with us.

This is why we have ZERO membership fees or monthly fees to be an Onyx Energy Sales Agent and have negotiated with our installer group to provide local appointments to our representatives once they qualify by closing ONE self-generated solar sale themselves. *Available in select states.


Additionally, our agents can choose to get a seat on our Marketing CRM with access to Virtual and local solar leads! (See Marketing CRM Subscription Plans)

70/30 Split on Net Sales Margin Profit!

As a Solar agent with Onyx Energy you can earn up to 70% on self-generated or company provided leads paid on the Net Sales Margin after all fees and adders have been accounted for. *Must be Sales Manager or higher “rank” to earn full 70% commission on your personal sales.

See Onyx Energy Compensation Plan and Rank Advancement page for details.

*Ground Mount systems use sub-contractors for ground mount structure portion of project.

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