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Get phone set and qualified LOCAL appointments that are guaranteed to sit and credit qualify for solar

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Guaranteed Local Appointments for Solar!

Get qualified phone set LOCAL solar appointments added to your calendar!

  • Guaranteed to sit!
    • Local in-home sits! *in select markets. (Open a support ticket to inquire!)
      • Guarantee only applies to local appointments, virtual appointments are not guaranteed to sit.
    • Very high close rates! (up to 80%, 60% is average!)
  • Guaranteed to have 650 or above credit score!
  • Guaranteed to be a solar qualified home!
  • Verified homeowner!
  • Guaranteed utility bill is over 150 per month!

If an appointment doesn’t sit or credit qualify, the appointment will be replaced at no cost!

Much Less Expensive Than Freedom Generated Solar Appointments!

Appointments that are purchased with this order are a fixed cost of $350 to $400 per appointment depending on package purchased, versus a ppw appointment fee charged by Freedom from $0.30 to $1.22 price per watt added to your sale!

This is an average savings of $6300 per sold project (9KW system average at $0.70 ppw cost average for appointment fee!) when using Freedom generated appointments, money you get to keep in your pocket per project sold!!!

If you are a superstar closer and know you can close appointments, this package is for you! Maximize your income by reducing your appointment fee costs with purchased packages of 5 or 10 guaranteed appointments!

For Example:

You purchase a package of 10 guaranteed local solar appointments, this means you have 10 swings at bat with customers who are fully qualified and ready to buy.

How many deals can you close, how good are you?

What if you close 40%, get 4 deals out of 10? (The average closing rate is 60%!)

  • You would save on average $25,200 in appointment fees (4X$6300)!

What if you close 60%, get 6 out of 10?

  • You would save $37,800 in appointment fees (6X$6300)!

Remember, these are guaranteed to qualify for credit and to sit, how many times have you had clients cancel an appointment or not credit qualify in the past? If you took those numbers out of the equation, what would your closing rate actually be?

There are solar agents closing these appointments at better than 60% (as high as 80%), what can you do?

*Only available to our Marketing CRM subscribers! (All appointments are tracked and distributed with our Marketing CRM.)

*All appointments are followed up by our admin team to verify outcomes.

*Appointments are able to be generated in all states we cover for installations and the territory of Puerto Rico.

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