Sell in Nevada with 1Solar and Onyx Energy! (Plus: UT)

To be authorized to sell in NV open a [Support Ticket Here!]

Due to the new W2 regulations for selling solar in Nevada we have partnered with 1Solar to be able to offer our Sales Organization the opportunity to sell in one of the fastest to install solar states in the country!

Get paid QUICK with glass on the roof in as little as 10 days!

Nevada Sales:

With 1Solar the solar sales consultant making the direct sale to a client will earn the first $0.25/ppw of the net baseline margin as a W2 paycheck and the rest of any commission over and above the $0.25ppw as 1099 income per our compensation plan, with the following pricing restrictions:

  • The minimum Net Baseline Price Margin must be $0.25 or above!
    • I.e. if Baseline Price is $2.05 you must sell the solar project at a minimum of $2.30 net.
      • Any project submitted below this baseline margin will be recovered from your current or future commissions and you may have your authorization to sell in NV revoked!
        • If you are unsure of pricing on a project, please open a SUPPORT TICKET for assistance!
      • You should NEVER have to sell this cheaply in NV, but if you do sell for the minimum Onyx Energy is covering all 1099 commissions paid per our compensation plan over and above the $0.25 W2 payment made to Sales Agent by 1Solar.

The sales manager who is overriding a Sales Agent making a sale at the minimum of $0.25 Net Baseline Margin will earn 100% of their normal 1099 commission on the project! Onyx Energy is absorbing the revenue loss for these transactions as ‘good will’ for our sales organization and to allow for getting referrals from clients in these few and far between sales that are at the ‘minimum’ sale price of $0.25 over baseline pricing.

*Commission payouts are slightly modified with this Installer, there are NO M1 payments, only M2 and M3 payouts, paid per our compensation plan. (Average time to M2 is 10 days!)

1Solar Baseline Pricing and Adder Sheet:
Click Here: Current Pricing and Adders

Pricing includes:

  • All Module options with ZERO adder fee!
  • All Inverter options with ZERO adder fee!
  • Minimal other adders, simplified install quotes!
  • Support from Onyx Energy Support Team for System Designs, etc.
Click Here: Commission Calculator

Our 1Solar Commission Calculator makes it easy to see what you will make on a project based on the payment type and lead type, price sold, etc., automatically calculates the base W2 income for the Solar Sales Consultant selling a project in Nevada and shows you your commissions you make on M2 and M3 payouts.

*This is an Excel xlsx sheet, download and either use or upload to your google sheets folder to open online and for FREE! If you don’t have a account you can create one for FREE and then you will be able to edit the document with your project sale values.

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